Craft of PLAE

There's a reason why people have an obsession with shoes. It's always held a coveted place in the world of fashion. That's because the process of making shoes is an age old craft. And like any craft, it takes a lot of skill. We'd like to take you behind the scenes through the making of PLAE, from Ryan's inspirations to the final touches.

Every pair of PLAE shoes has been hand-crafted by a team of workers, with many pairs of hands adding their special touch to each pair that arrives at your door. We're saluting the craft that goes into shoemaking and hope you enjoy learning more about us!

Fun facts:

  • The process takes more than 300 steps from beginning to end
  • It takes 18 months to make a shoe, from concept to finished product
  • Every logo embossed on a tab is done by hand
Ryan Ringholz sketching PLAE shoes
Factory team member tracing a template onto material to make PLAE shoes
Factory team member using machinery to make PLAE shoes
Factory team member making PLAE shoes