Let's help.

Dear PLAE Ohana,

Wildfires have devastated Lahaina and parts of Maui, serving as a tragic reminder of the fragility of human life. Our hearts extend to all those affected by this catastrophe, and we mourn the lives that have been lost.

While we are actively collaborating locally and across our industry to extend support in every possible way, many of you in the wider PLAE community have reached out expressing a desire to provide assistance to the residents of Maui.

We are pledging to match your donation of PLAE Rewards points, with all proceeds directed to the Maui Strong Fund. This initiative by The Hawai'i Community Foundation, a local non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing aid where it is needed most.

Additionally, if you wish to make a direct monetary contribution, you can do so directly through their official website.

We appreciate the opportunity to join together in support of those affected in a stronger way.

With aloha,