PLAE tech

Take a closer look at the next-level innovation behind PLAE's adult shoe collection. From a whole new way to "tie" your shoes, to customizable insole technology, there's more to these sneaks than just a pretty face. Er, foot. You get it, shoe nerds.


"I love tying shoe laces" - nobody, ever.

The patented STAELACE™ closure system lets you put your shoes on with one hand in a single, easy motion. Customize the length by moving the anchor around the back of the shoe. Once the lace length is set, just twist and slip the tether around the bolt to secure. See it in action below!

Showing the parts of the PLAE Staelace system
Showing how to use the PLAE Staelace system


The how-to guide to expressing your awesome.

Bolts can be interchanged to customize your kicks. Easily remove and secure them with the included cleat tool to match an outfit or mood.


Cushy comfort or extra bounce? You decide!

Customize your ride with the modular INNERSPACE™ fit system. Choose the base that feels best—SPACEFRAME™ suspension to add a little spring to every step or SPACEFOAM™ compression EVA to get that all-day "ahhh" feeling (SPACEFRAME™ only available on select styles). Both bases interlock perfectly with the super-cushy and supportive EVA foam heelcup. Prefer to hack your own? The modular system let's you adjust and 3D print a custom component.

Showing the layers of the PLAE adult size insole with Poron Vivoe and Eco Ortholite
Alternate heelcups Spaceframe and Spacefoam