I hope the year is off to an amazing start for you and yours! 2023 is a notable year for us here—it marks a decade of PLAE! While the brand official launched in 2014, the very first pairs of PLAE were prototyped, wear-tested, revised, and tested again before the first limited production was quietly ushered into the wild in the Fall of 2013. Digging through the archives, I stumbled upon this little video I took of my own kids, Roan and Emme (if you ever wondered where our shoe names derive from) seeing PLAE shoes for the very first time. I still get a kick out of seeing their reaction. It serves as a great reminder of why we started PLAE, to celebrate those moments of awe, wonder, and joy.

In celebration of this decade of PLAE, we will be re-releasing our Greatest Hits in a limited collection over the coming year. We are excited to see these highly demanded styles come back for an encore—thank you again to those of you who cast a vote. We are also working on some incredible new products that we can't wait to share.

To put an exclamation-point on it, we are extending 23% OFF until the end of the month for members using the code: PLAE2023 (must be logged in).

Mahalo nui (thank you)! We are family business, in every sense, and truly appreciate your support and help in spreading the word about PLAE.

I leave you with this thought in the New Year:
There's a new world being created, then remixed, then reimagined in real time. It belongs to the makers: the doers who daydream. The kids who grew up, but never grew out of their first love. People who live without labels—or wear as many as they want. Who can't be defined, except maybe in a language they've made up. Sometimes we push when it says pull. Laugh when we should be afraid. Color way outside the lines. And that's okay. In order to triumph, you have to try. We've learned to play with the world around us. And we know that play is never work, but the best work always feels like play. The world is your playground.

With aloha,


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